Protecting our home with clean water is our duty.
With 30 years of industry experience, we contribute to green innovation, creating clear water sources.
Global Water Internation is committed to water purification system research and development, with our proud product brand Filter Master Backwash Purification Filters receiving widespread acclaim. We actively integrate ESG environmental concepts, providing green process solutions, and putting our efforts into water resource conservation.
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ESG Goals Assisted
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Pioneers of Excellence in the Field of Water Purification

Smart, efficient, flexible, and carbon-reducing, meeting all your water quality needs

Feature 1

Feature 1

Comprehensive Water
Treatment Solutions
Complete water treatment solutions to meet the needs of various fields

Feature 2

Feature 2

Precise and Efficient
Water Quality Monitoring
Leading smart water purification technology to enhance operational efficiency.

Feature 3

Feature 3

Flexible Configuration of
Water Purification Equipment
Modular design for customized water treatment configurations.

Feature 4

Feature 4

Backwash Purification Functionality
Filter Master's unique backwash function extends filter life and achieves carbon reduction goals

Industrial Filtration, the Preferred Choice for Clean Water

Tailored Systems, Professional Planning


Process Wastewater Reuse Systems

Professional planning for effective treatment of process wastewater, achieving zero discharge

Ultra-pure Water Industrial Filtration Equipment

Meeting the process requirements of electronics, semiconductor, biotechnology, and other industries

UF Ultrafiltration Separation System

Addressing the filtration needs of industry, wastewater treatment, and pharmaceuticals

Seawater Desalination/Brackish Water Treatment Systems

Ensuring efficient desalination, suitable for coastal areas or regions with limited water resources

Engineering Achievements

ChuanChiu Water Purification has assisted governments and numerous clients worldwide in achieving transformation and innovation with smart sustainability as the core

Concerned about abnormalities in water purification equipment?

Enjoy the most comprehensive after-sales service and training.

  • Professional installation at home
  • Comprehensive after-sales training
  • 24-hour standby for equipment abnormalities
  • Customer service regularly contacts for filter and consumable replacements